Site Plan

The Principal Garden has the nearest site to Redhill MRT Station and there are 3 other slightly older residential condominium development (commercial & residential)

Located in a quiet and serene place, the Principal Garden condominium provides a clear view of the beautiful Botanic Garden and park. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy strolling in your ‘very own Principal Garden’ park to have a fresh breeze. The area size of the condo garden is expansive and measures approximately 200,000 square feet of land. Principal Garden layout is also well-designed to effectively accommodate everyone’s need while ensuring top class living standards. The Prince Charles Crescent condo is a new metropolitan area in Singapore which will bring people together to form a unified community in a luxurious and lifestyle residency.

Principal Garden Singapore is to bring together a community of different people across the country from different financial backgrounds and origins. The Principal Garden Floorplan comprises of 663 units. The bold  and beautiful exterior design reflect full and complete modern facilities that are essential for modern housing.


Principal Garden site plan