Floor Plans

The Principal Garden Layout

Principal Garden serene and beautiful Redhill development, other than having an outstanding beautiful exterior, it has lots of functional space interiorly. This Redhill condo has quite a number of different layout and floorplans. The units will be bundled with full and complete modern facilities that are essential for modern houses. It will be most ideal for people who desire a blend of living and classic lifestyle. The classification of condominium bedroom is based on the number of bedrooms. All bedroom type will be fully equipped with top class furnishings and fittings, with entertainment for an elegant and a fabulous lifestyle.

The residents of Principal Garden will benefit greatly from the many unique features that this Prince Charles Crescent condo offers. This condo is near to amenities that will create a solid social cohesion amongst people leading to peace and unity. There will be comprehensive facilities for recreation, education, leisure and more. Recreation, facilities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Jogging track, Gym, Tennis Court, Children’s playground will be built across the 268,715 square feet of land.


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom (Enclosed Kitchen)


2 Bedroom Dual Key

861sqf 2 bedroom DK

3 Bedroom + Yard 



3 Bedroom + Yard (Dual Key)


4 Bedroom + Utility +Yard + Private Lift


5 Bedroom + Uitility + Yard + Private Lift 


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